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About WSGF

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Managing the World school sports, we are a group of people involved in sports for more than a decade or two. We believe in working on 360 degrees on school sports, not just organizing the tournaments. Tournaments is just one part of it. We are governing body to organize World School sports, the World School Games.

We believe that the sports federations should have full control over the events and event management also. It is not just WSGF that holds the control of the events but we involve International Sports Federations along with the host city and sponsors to hold the World School Games Championships/Tournaments.

We believe in working closely with International Sports Federations to develop the sports culture and also help International Sports Federations to grow in other parts of the world where they do not exist. WSGF works as a bridge between International Sports Federation, City/State Governments, and Olympic Committees level.
School sports are the base of every player. We are here to fulfill the dreams of school students either they want to be a World Champion or Olympian. Strengthening the base is most important, and it is not just a tournament that will fulfill his/her dream. A 360 approach is important.

Not only tournaments, not only for school students, but we organize workshops for coaches also. We talk about nutrition, we talk about physiotherapy, we talk about anti-doping, we talk about sports science.

We have seen that there are many international sports federations whose resources are limited so they are able to organize only limited tournaments. As you must be aware that school games are very important in themselves because players are prepared from a young age, so by organizing World School Sports, we will be able to attract and encourage youth and students.

Another purpose of this organization is that we organize international school games by uniting international sports organizations. Together we should organize school games with our limited resources. For this, we have to make these sporting events financially appropriate for all sections, keeping in mind some special things.

If you too are not able to organize the World School Tournament of your sport due to lack of resources or you want to organize the World School Tournament of your sport together with others, then welcome to this organization.

Benefits of holding World School Games together:

  • Economical
  • A festival atmosphere
  • Interact with players from other countries and other sports knowing the culture of others
  • Chance to make your game more popular
  • A safe environment
  • Increase your reach by meeting coaches, players, officials of other sports
  • News sharing through our website will spread fast
  • Will help your website google listing ranking higher