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Drop Roball joins world school games

    World Drop Roball Federation

    We are happy to announce that the World Drop Roball Federation has been added to the WSGF as a member.

    Drop Roball is a game born in India whose father is Ishwar Singh Acharya. Ishwar Singh says that the idea of ​​​​inventing a new game arose in my mind after being inspired by this lost game. Which can establish new dimensions of popularity in the sports world.

    This game is the result of my years of hard work and research, which is easy to learn, free from injury, low cost, limited means, and its rules are also simple. This game can be played in easily available playgrounds said Ishwar Singh.

    He further said “In 2008 I started this game and from 2009 I started promoting, promoting and training this game with some physical teachers. We were successful in spreading this game in India but due to limited resources we could not spread it as fast abroad.”

    “When the activities came to a halt due to Covid19, we got time to make plans to expand to other countries. The game, played in some 9 countries around the world, is planned to expand to 15 countries by the end of this season.”

    World Roball joins World School games

    The founder said “The World School Games Federation is working to encourage new sports along with school children. We are happy to be associated with this organization, and we hope that through this organization we will be able to spread the Drop Roball game across the world.”

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