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World School Summer Games

The main goal of the WORLD SCHOOL SUMMER GAMES is to enhance games all over the globe.

It can be difficult to keep your children entertained throughout the summer. 

Summer games provide us with new and exciting ways to keep the kids healthy and entertained outside.

World School Summer Games are held in the summer (middle of the summer), 2A game or sport that is typically played outdoors during the summer months.

Every player’s foundation is school sports. We are here to help school students pursue their potential of becoming World Champions.
 The following is a list of WORLD SCHOOL SUMMER GAMES.

Archery, one of the earliest still performed sports, is inextricably linked to the evolution of modernity. It was similar to the exploration of fire and the discovery of the wheel in terms of cultural advancement.

Artistic Gymnastics:
The term “artistic gymnastics” first appeared in the early 1800s to differentiate free-flowing strategies from combat training methods.

Artistic Swimming:
Artistic swimming, also recognized as coordinated swimming, is a relatively new area derived from water gymnastics.

Athletics has been performed all across recorded sports history.

Badminton is a racquet game in which a shuttlecock is hit along a net with racquets.

Baseball Softball:
This is a baseball-like sport played with a bigger ball on the ground with 60-foot base sizes.

Basketball is a game played between two teams, usually of five players each, competing on a rectangular field.

Beach Volleyball:
Beach volleyball was presented as a demonstration tournament at the Summer Olympic Games in 1992.

BMX Freestyle:
Riders in BMX Freestyle perform procedures composed of tactic patterns performed on flat land, in the roads, on mud jumps. Motorcyclists are evaluated on the reliability of their performance in the contest.

BMX Racing:
Bicycle motocross (BMX) began in the 1960s in California, at about the same time that motocross had become famous. The human-powered contest was inspired by the wheeled version of the sport.

Canoe / Kayak Flatwater:
There are two types of craft in canoe sprint: kayaks and canoes. The canoe has been used as a means of transportation, trade, and warfare across the globe.

Gymnasts were the primary participants in this sport, which began with falling workouts into the water.

Dressage has a long and vibrant history dating back to The Greeks. Dressage is the highest level of horse training and is regarded as the art of the equine sport. It is the foundation for other disciplines.

Football originated in ancient China, and the contemporary interpretation was born on the roads of medieval England before becoming the country’s most successful sport.

Golf is a club-and-ball sport wherein gamers hit balls into a small hole on a course in the fewest strokes possible.

Handball is a game played between two teams. Team members of seven players pass a ball with their hands in the hopes of throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Swimming is a race that includes the use of one’s whole body to move through the water. It can be done individually or in a team. The sport is played in pools or open water.

Hockey is a game played between two teams compete against each other by using a hockey stick to move a ball or puck into the opponent’s goal.

Summer Games Events

These are a few additional games in the list of WORLD SCHOOL SUMMER GAMES:
● Marathon Swimming
● Modern Pentathlon
● Mountain Bike
● Rhythmic Gymnastics
● Road Cycling
● Rowing
● Rugby
● Sailing
● Shooting
● Skateboarding
● Sport Climbing
● Surfing
● Table Tennis
● Tennis
● Track Cycling
● Trampoline
● Triathlon
● Volleyball
● Water Polo