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World School Winter Games

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The World School Winter Games is the winter edition of school sports tournaments. The Winter Games are known by this name because these games we play in winters, a global athletic contest in which school athletes representing their country competing in a variety of sports.

Winter sports such as figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, and many others are featured at the Winter Games.

We’re here to help students achieve their goals to become World Champions or Sportsmen.

The WORLD SCHOOL GAMES FEDERATION has compiled a list of World School Winter Games.

Alpine Skiing:
Alpine skiing, also known as downhill skiing, is the sport of sliding down snow-covered slopes on skis with corrected bindings, as opposed to cross-country, Snowboard bindings, or ski jumping that use free-heel bindings. Whether for entertainment or sport, skiing is typically done at ski resorts, which offer services such as ski lifts, abstract snowmaking, snow grooming, and ski resort.

Biathlon is a winter sport in which cross-country skiing and rifle shooting are combined. It’s handled like a race, with competitors skiing down a cross-country trail that’s split into shooting rounds. These rounds are not arranged, but missed shots may lead to extra time or distance to the participant’s total, based on the contest.

Bobsleighing, also known as bobsledding, is a team winter sport that entails making time trials in a gravity-powered sleigh back narrow, spinning, banked, iced tracks. The Swiss invented this winter sport in the late 1860s.

Curling is a sport in which gamers slide stones across an ice sheet toward a target area split into 4 concentric rings. It’s linked to shuffleboard and boules. Two players get together, sliding massive, polished granite stones, also known as rocks, across the ice curling sheet toward the point, which is labeled on the ice as a circular goal.

Figure Skating
Figure skating is a winter sport where participants, pairs, or teams perform on ice while wearing figure skates. Figure skating was the first winter sport that was included in the Winter Olympics. Skaters compete in different systems from medium to senior levels, including twirls, climbs, field
moves, lifts, hurl jumps, death spins, and other aspects of moves, based on the discipline.

Luge riders glide down a slick ice track at high speeds, steering with their reaction times. Nevertheless, unlike bobsleigh, they are not protected if they make a mistake.

Ski Jumping:
Ski jumping is a winter sport wherein participants attempt to make the lengthiest jump upon moving down on their skis from a specifically made ramp. Every jump is graded based on the distance traveled and the fashion or style used. The total result is influenced by the length of the
jump, the version of the competitor, and other variables.

Snowboards are boards on which the user places both of his or her feet on the same board, which is usually secured. The board is broader than most skis and glides through the snow. The position of the user distinguishes snowboards from mono-skis. Mono Skiers stand with their feet
parallel to the long axis of the board, whereas snowboarders hold with their legs transverse to the board’s longitude.

Ice Hockey:
Ice hockey is a winter sport that is played on ice skates in a skate park, either indoors or out. To score a goal, two conflicting teams of riders use their sticks to aim and shoot a vulcanized
rubber puck into the opposing squad’s net.

These are a few additional games in the list of the WORLD SCHOOL WINTER GAMES:
● Speed Skating
● Nordic Combined
● Short Track Speed Skating
● Skeleton
● Freestyle Skiing
● Cross-Country