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WSGF Membership



World School Games Federation membership is open for International Federations. INTERNATIONAL FEDERATIONS are the FULL MEMBERS and manages the organization and tournaments.

Rights: International Federations that are full members are allowed attending the AGMs, Voting Rights, allowed to contest elections, Sport could be part of WSGF World School Games, events news sharing.

Membership fee: USD 300

The International Federations applying for WSGF membership should have the following:

  1. The Registertion
  2. Should have active website
  3. Should have listed the board members and their social links
  4. Should have posted constitution on website
  5. Should have Technical Rules posted on the website
  6. Should have active page on Social Media

Full Members may use the below logo on their website and other printing material or digital places.

Member World School Games Federation

ASSOCIATES are all those organizations, education boards, sports councils, and government departments that are not full members of the World School Games Federation – WSGF.

In case any parallel

The National School organizations/departments that are part of the National government, may send their teams for participation in the World School Games directly.

Membership Fee USD 300

SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP is for schools only, our member schools could be part of International Exchange Programs and some other activities (other than World School Games) to be organized for schools. Whenever a new sport or new organization joins us, we will provide complete information about it to our member schools.

Membership Fee: USD 50

SCHOOL GROUP MEMBERSHIP is for the chain of schools having more than five schools within the country. The SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP benefits shall be given to all the schools of the chain.

Membership Fee: USD 300


Basic Guidelines to WSGF MEMBERSHIP

  • These are basic guidelines for reference. If you are willing to join us follow these guidelines while submitting a membership request. WSGF board is the final authority to accept or reject any membership application.
  • Any International Federation, sports organization that is not in conflict with any other Olympic recognized sports federation may join WSGF as a full member. The organization should not be a parallel body of any International Federation that is a Full Member of GAISF. In any case, if any organization is a parallel organization of Olympic or GAISF recognized sport organization they may join as Associate Member.
  • Any International Sports Federation that is sole governing body at the time of joining WSGF shall be considered a full member. No matter if any parallel International federation popup at a later stage, the WSGF member organization shall be considered original founder and full member only.
  • World School Games Federation reserves the right to change any rule at any time without giving any intimation prior to change.

Membership Request

Submit Your Contact Details For Membership.

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